Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weekend at my sister's

This weekend we drove just over 2 hours to catch up with my newly found sister, and her 3 kids. This was our 3rd visit, and it just keeps getting more and more comfortable!!
For two sisters to be so alike, when we have spent our entire lives unaware of each other, is simply amazing.
Her kids are just a little older than mine, and I can't help smiling when they point out all the similarities between J and I - it truly warms my heart.
Comments like - "your feet and toes are the same", "you both laugh the same way", "you have the same hands" - all make me smile!!!
It would be nice to live closer - then just hanging out, or dropping over for a cuppa, would be so much easier. For us, and for our kids.
We should have grown up together - but adoption ripped us apart.
Meanwhile, our mother lives a whole other existance in another state - with 3 more children - not wanting to pull her head out from the sand that she hides herself so deeply in.
Lately, I am so sad with all the things that
could have been - when I do so want to be happy for all the great things that have happened in my life.
I wish that my mother would just let me know the things I wish to know - and help me move on from all this pain. Instead, she chooses to keep it all - locked within - and run away from that which she needs to face.


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