Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adoptee Rights Demonstration - 2009

Pass on the word -
Adoptee Rights Demonstration - Philadelphia, PA, USA
July 21, 2009
Here's the blog -
It's time for US Adoptees to have access to their OBCs.
Poss. xxx

Monday, December 15, 2008

The TRUTH About International Adoptions

Harlow's Monkey alerted me to the above report - featured at the Schuster Institute For Investigative Journalism website - with an interactive world map of where the babies come from - and where the babies are shipped to.

The full article by E.J.Graff can be found at Foreign Policy website.

Let's hope that more reports will come out like this one.

Sadly - I think - too many that are desperate for a child will disregard such reports.
Because - it's all about them - and the baby they long for.
Too often - they don't care where the baby comes from or what affects their actions have on the child and that child's first family.
It's one very sad world we've ended up living in.