Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To An Adoptee.......It's All About Lines..........

This picture just spoke volumes to me today.

This is what genetics feels like to me. (especially since I've finally met my bio sis after 35 yrs - who looks like me, laughs like me, has the same talents & habits as me, reads the same authors as me, thinks like me - is a part of me).

My adoptive parents certainly added some diagonal lines to my mix - because to an adoptee - nothing is cut and dry.

But genetics is SO MUCH of who I am - and when you're not allowed to know that link - that makes for a messed up time when you're trying to live & grow.

Most adoptees - have no knowledge of the people that match their lines.

Open records - damn it - adoptees are people too - and they just need to know where their lines came from.

(I stole this image from Theresa's blog - Ungrateful Little Bastard - I hope she doesn't mind!?!?!)

Please help adoptees get access to what all other citizens are allowed.

Please help adoptees find out about those that share their lines............


Blogger Lori A said...

It's amazing isn't it how deep those lines run. To meet someone for the first time and find yourself.

18/6/08, 3:29 pm  
Blogger Julie McCoy said...

wow. a picture is worth a thousand words. thank you for sharing this.

18/6/08, 3:33 pm  
Blogger Cassi said...

For my son, you, and all other adoptees who deserve that connection, the fight is worth it and should never end until you all have the same rights as everyone else to know where and who you came from.
I can never honestly say I know these feelings. But I understand them and I believe in them and in your right to discover whatever you desire about yourself.

19/6/08, 1:30 am  

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