Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stephanie & Evelyn Bennett

In April this year - I wrote about Baby Evelyn Bennett and her mother Stephanie - called - Bring Baby Evelyn Bennett Home.

Well - my dear adoptee blogging friend - Amy - has shared with me an update on the situation - and I'll share what she wrote here -

Do you remember this case? It involved a seventeen year old girl, Stephanie Bennett. She was molested by a family friend. She got pregnant as a result. She had a daughter named Evelyn. She went to her high school counselor's office to get advice on a schedule change. She ended up discussing adoption with him. He presents her with an adoption agency pamphlet. The next day an adoption recruiter was at his office. This recruiter advised this girl to run away from home. This young girl was terrified. The father in her case had been threatening her, Evelyn, and her family. He had threatened to kill them all. They suggested that she tell the court that she was being abused by her parents. The agency is A Child's Hope. They are known for causing adoption disruptions. These folks are in it for the money. They don't care about adoptees, natural parents, or adoptive parents. Yes even adoptive parents have filed complaints against this agency. This agency was under investigation. At this time there is no word on that. There was rumors that this agency was going to be shut down. There was rumors that people were going to jail. Nothing has happened. There is talk of adoption agencies being forced to tighten up their home studies.

Stephanie's family went to court on December 4, 2007. The judges in this court appearance blasted the adoption agency and their attorneys. A decision could take 60-90 days. Stephanie has yet to have her day in court. The court system has yet to decide which court will hear her case. As time ticks further along, the harder it becomes to get her daughter back.

Please, pass the news around - and blog about it if you can. The word needs to ripple around once more - this child should NEVER have been taken from her mother - this child needs to be returned to her mother - NOW.

Adoption should be about finding homes for children that really do need them - NOT about coercing young women into decisions when they are not fully aware of all the implications.

Please also - if you haven't already - put your name on the petition - they are aiming for 1000 names - they are currently just over 700 - click HERE.

Other links - including the official website for the cause and various bloggers who blogged about this back in April 2007 - can be found on my original blog post - linked up the top.

Thank you all - and keep your fingers crossed.

Sealing Of Adoptee Records.

Paragraphein, a first mum in an open adoption, has written a brilliant post about the real reasons behind the sealing of all adoptee records.

After much research over the past few years - I've come to understand who sealed records really protect - but I could have never articulated the lunacy behind the laws as well as this.

It's NEVER been about protecting the child's first mother. NEVER.

Please go and read - "How Do Closed Records Protect My Privacy, Anyway?"

Poss. xxx