Saturday, October 20, 2007

Open Records Video

Produced by the WONDERFUL & TALENTED - Mia, Theresa, Andie & Kevin.

Please take the time to go to YouTube and rate this video - it's in a competition - and if it wins - it may be shown on MTV & other music shows.


The message has to get out - please pass it on.


Anonymous mia said...

(((Possum))) Thank you!!!

20/10/07, 2:02 pm  
Blogger Esther said...

Thanks for posting your heartfelt message on my blog. You are absolutely right. We realized all this before heading into adoption. However, I think there are countless others who have rose-colored glasses and don't get it....never will. It only hurts the adopted child further to not realize there are so many painful issues surrounding adoption for the adoptee.

Thank you again for your post. I"m completely on the same page as you. And we also know angry adoptees. Mostly we know adoptees who are thrilled they were adopted, and encourage it for others. Frankly though, we know it isn't gumdrops and kisses for everyone. Like my brother-in-law. Clearly adoption wasn't a plus in his opinion.

I'm in this for the kids. They are the priority here. I realize they may grow up and loathe being adopted. There are many hurts they already have at their tender ages.

Hopefully we can only pray that adopting them, raising them in a home where they can show their true feelings, continue with a healing atmosphere, etc., will be better for them than being raised as orphans in a state system where they will turn 18, get thrown in the street, and be given $200 from the state to go on their way....

Hopefully more people will also realize there are countless issues for adoptees.

The thing I feel is sad is when angry adoptees post on my blog, spewing their anger, and yet they don't offer any solution for the orphans. What the heck is that? Trolling bloggerland spewing venom isn't productive. Are they suggesting that no one adopt? I mean seriously, I don't get their point........

Since I realize adopted kids have hurts, pain, and issues, angry adoptees aren't getting anywhere on my blog by coming over and yelling at me. Doesn't help adults or children, and I'm curious what angry adoptees would suggest to solve all these problems. Food for thought.

Thank you again for your helpful suggestions. Best wishes ;o)

29/10/07, 1:09 pm  
Anonymous Robin said...

Hi there!! Thanks for commenting, I like your page. :) Look forward to reading more from you too!

30/10/07, 1:08 pm  
Anonymous Robin said...

stealing to repost! :)

2/11/07, 6:30 am  

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