Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gone To A Good Home

For all those peeps reading here that are residing in the wonderful land of OZ - there is a NOT TO BE MISSED documentary being aired on SBS Television - 14th September (next Friday) - at 7:30pm.

Many of my dear first-mum friends at Origin's Australia were involved with the making of this doco - and it really is worth seeing.
(I even ordered a copy of it on DVD - it's THAT good!!!)

Here's a little about the doco -

SBS - 14 Sep 07 - 07:30 pm

Gone To A Good Home

For three decades, from the 1950s to the 1970s, Australian authorities pressured many unmarried mothers to give their babies up for adoption. These women were unaware of their legal rights. In 1967 Lily was almost 17 and two months pregnant, living happily with her boyfriend Steve. Police arrested her, declaring she was in moral danger. Despite having parental permission to marry, the couple were kept apart, and Lily was confined in a Catholic girls' home until the baby was born. Alone and confused, she was manipulated into signing adoption papers. Some of these young women were coerced - and even drugged.
(Commissioned by SBSi, in English) (Documentary) (Rpt) PG CC WS

Pass the news around if you can.

When it first aired on SBS (I think it was last year) they held a discussion on the SBS forum - and the response was quite amazing. Mum's and adoptees were coming out from all over OZ - voicing their secret desire to search for their lost ones.

It saddens me that so many think that they'll not allowed to - or perhaps - unworthy of - searching for those that they will always be a part of.

I'm hoping they'll hold another similar discussion next week.

Poss. xxx


Blogger suz said...

I met Lily a year or so ago. and Tim. Very cool mom and son.
It saddens me that so many think that they'll not allowed to - or perhaps - unworthy of - searching for those that they will always be a part of.
Brainwashing is seriously powerful stuff. Hard to break through and change the beliefs that your captors instilled in you when they held you captive and took your child. Even more so if you were given mind altering drugs. Makes me sad too. I pray for all that moms that have been so deeply scarred by what was done to them that they cannot welcome their own child into their lives. They dont know how blessed they are that their children wants to know them.

9/9/07, 11:09 pm  
Blogger Kelly said...

Yes all this brainwashing needs to stop. Sending you lots, and lots of hugs.


11/9/07, 8:10 am  
Blogger Wendy said...

Thanks for the heads-up Possum. Last year it screened about 2 weeks before I kinda accidentally found my bmum so I missed it completely.

Won't miss it this time !!

12/9/07, 2:56 am  
Anonymous Sharon Ferguson said...

Do you know if it will make it to the US?

HI Possum - its been a while but wanted to let you know I am still around. Just updated my own blog

13/9/07, 7:38 am  
Blogger Nina said...

Hope we can see it in the States.

Mmm. Moral danger?

And, of course, the Catholic church is somehow involved in nefarious schemes - I'm sure - for the salvation of the sinner and her child. Can you tell I'm lapsed?

18/9/07, 2:17 pm  
Blogger Third Mom said...

Possum, thanks for the tip - I hope, too, the film makes it to the US. Maybe we can get the DVDs here.

26/9/07, 10:10 am  
Blogger Tina with much2say said...

Hiya Possum, I just wanted to say thanks for the support last week. I was struggling a bit to keep it together, thanks for understanding. hope your ok.
love tina

27/9/07, 11:57 am  
Blogger MOL_Am_Ris said...

Will they be re-airing this, do you know?

28/9/07, 8:16 am  

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