Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some Thoughts For Adoptive Parents.

I'm meant to be studying - I have an exam on Monday - Maths Education 1.

But I just had to share some very fine words with you.

Mia - over at Mia's Saving Grace - has written a post - title - "Got it all figured out do ya?".

It has been written in response to an annoying adoptive parent (one that really is giving AP's a very bad reputation) that frequents and comments on her blog - mostly to bring down everything that Mia writes on her blog.

Please go and read the post - and make sure you don't miss the comments from an adoptive parent called Laura (no - she's not the nasty AP) - and Mia's response to Laura's comments.

It's a good read. I think it's important to hear various writers - we all say things in varying ways - and sometimes you might just get something out of someone else's posts that you hadn't imagined. (seeing things from all different angles can be a very good thing - IMHO)

I haven't time to write more for now. But I just had to share!!

OK - back to the books...................

Poss. xxxxx


Anonymous justenjoyhim/judy said...

Oh, she's way out in left field. Can't give me a bad name. No siree, Bob!! Or Possum, rather. ;)

4/11/07, 12:51 am  
Anonymous Ktates said...

great post - thanks for pointing us to it

5/11/07, 1:24 am  
Blogger LaLa said...

ha ha..glad I am not the nasty AP...I just had time to respond to Mia if you want to check it out...after you study of course.

6/11/07, 10:06 am  
Blogger Esther said...

I wrote a post today that I would love for you and as many adoptees as you know to weigh in on. Please share your input, as I have a heartfelt question I posted.

Thank you again for stopping by my blog. I'm getting to some adoptee blogs now, but I only know of a couple so far.

Best wishes and thank you for your input, Esther

7/11/07, 12:27 pm  
Blogger juliaNY07 said...

Hi Possum, I read Mia's post, commenting here for your edit, as I don't know her. I know an Indian (actually Indian not Native American!) lady who's sister adopted a day old baby in India, through the obstetrician, the baby grew up and actually found her mother despite no records at all. (this is in response to the Chinese adoption). My friend adopted her daughter from an orphanage at the age of 18 months, they are still looking! never give up. Jxxt

8/11/07, 12:03 am  

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