Friday, March 13, 2009

Adoptee's DENIED.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration - Philadelphia, USA - July 21, 2009.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON - it rocks!!!
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US adoptees should be allowed their Original Birth Certificates just like the rest of the US population.
Australia has allowed it - why can't they????


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Monday, March 09, 2009

Patience Has Paid Off - FINALLY!!

Today - finally - after 2.5 years - I received an email from one of my brothers.

I sent my 3 sibs a letter - 'outing' myself - 2.5 years ago - that created a huge storm for my mother - and was the reason behind my father contacting me behind everyone's backs.
My mother scared everyone else - so from them I only heard silence - and it hurt my soul.

But today - I have the BIGGEST smile on my dial.

Because one of my kept sibs - wants to get to know ME.

There is finally some good karma happening around here.

Fingers all crossed out there - pretty please.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adoptee Rights Demonstration - 2009

Pass on the word -
Adoptee Rights Demonstration - Philadelphia, PA, USA
July 21, 2009
Here's the blog -
It's time for US Adoptees to have access to their OBCs.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

The TRUTH About International Adoptions

Harlow's Monkey alerted me to the above report - featured at the Schuster Institute For Investigative Journalism website - with an interactive world map of where the babies come from - and where the babies are shipped to.

The full article by E.J.Graff can be found at Foreign Policy website.

Let's hope that more reports will come out like this one.

Sadly - I think - too many that are desperate for a child will disregard such reports.
Because - it's all about them - and the baby they long for.
Too often - they don't care where the baby comes from or what affects their actions have on the child and that child's first family.
It's one very sad world we've ended up living in.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unhappy About Being Adopted??

Another great post - this time by Gershom - at Anti-Adoption Blog.

It's called - "Why would anybody who was raised in a loving home be unhappy about being adopted?"

How I missed it - I do not know!!!
It's good.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Anti-Adoption Confusion

Go HERE and read a post on "The Anti-Adoption Confusion".

It's good.


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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Adopted AND Abused??

The adoptee (almost human) that wrote the wonderful and heartfelt words from my last post - What An Adoptee Wants To Know - has a website - Adopted-Abused - for those adoptees that ended up in abusive adoptive households - and they have a survey running for those that lived through such pain.

A message from almost human -

"Please, if YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW has been adopted and abused, we are gaining a presence, putting it out there that yes, abuse in adoption is a REAL issue.
Pass it on!!!

As of this moment, the hit counter at is up to 13,630
(that was last week - now it's at 14,617 - quite staggering). That's up by nearly double in the past two weeks!
I've been looking at the referrers, and we get quite a few random hits from search engines...

We've got 14 registered, some of whom are waiting for me to update the survey (which will be finished this evening)
207 questions (view the Survey Analysis to see the questions and the break-out of responses)
3 blogs (under Read Our Stories)"

Please - make a difference - and pass this on.

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What An Adoptee Wants To Know?

Question on Y!A -

" When and if you met/meet your real mom, what did you want to know?"

Answer by 'almost human' -

"to her i will ask, "what were the circumstances behind my conception, birth, and relinquishment? I want to know the beginning of my story and be able to tell my children about this history, so they may have a stronger link to their heritage."

secretly my heart will be bleeding and i will be asking, "why did you put me in the hands of strangers? why did you not do what it takes to keep me? how could you have a happy day in your life after having given away your flesh and blood?

but all of the above is just a fantasy. there is not even a breadcrumb from which to find my mother, much less ask her any questions.

to know you have been abandoned is the worst feeling in the world. i wish i didn't have to replay this meeting in my head over and over.

i wish this question/pain
didn't exist/didn't need to be asked
to/for/by anyone."

And that - right there - goes to that deep dark place that so many adoptees just don't want to even attempt to go to - ever.
The stuff that adoptees try to keep hidden - from themselves - from their families - from the world.
The stuff that they don't want to say out loud - because they know - deep in their souls - that it will hurt the people they love most - BUT - to keep it hidden - is to have a gaping wound that can never ever be healed.

I think being able to admit such deep feelings can help with the healing of our hurts - instead of always trying to keep everyone else feeling at ease - and keeping our own pain on the backburner.

I thank all of those adoptees that are reaching into their souls - baring all - being honest and open. (you give me strength)

Just maybe some will listen. Those that can help with the healing of past practices - and those that can try to decrease the occurrence of such hurts being made in the future.

Prevention is far easier than trying to heal deep gaping wounds.

Adoptees tell their stories NOT to hurt - but to heal.

I hope that people get that??

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