Thursday, April 12, 2007


Thanks for everyones support for my angry rant yesterday - it felt really good to get out.
I think I've been skirting around many of those points for years now.
Actually writing it down felt GREAT!!!

This morning - I got an email from A......

Hello Possum
Just a quick note to say we will be away off and on until about the end of May and I may not have access to email during that time. I still have a lot of thinking to do.

Yeah - Leroy you were right - this is going to take some time. (great - more bloody time - I'm not getting any younger here people.............)
I'm pretty sad about this - more delays - but yeah - I know - at least he's keeping me in the loop.
Just getting very tir-red of all of this - ya know???

Today though - I got my hair done. So I feel better-er than I have for a wee while. (actually I think it's been 4 months since I last got it done!!) I have some groovy red and light blonde streaky highlights - and it's layered in a very funky way.
My girls stared at me in amazement when I returned from the salon - but then starting jumping up and down saying that they wanted hair cuts just like mine!!!!
I love my girls - they make me feel so very loved.

Wonderful husband just winked at me and said that I was a very groovy looking Uni student!!
I love him like crazy also.

It's school holidays here - for 2 weeks - and I also have a 2 week break from lectures - but I'm working on a major assignment in between entertaining the troops.
Life is busy as usual.

So thanks again for all your support. I feel very blessed to have so many watching my back - and ready for my falls.

Poss. xxxx


Blogger Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

How much more thinking are you expected to be patient through? I'm sorry I know that doesn't help and it's easy for me to say and blah blah blah

I'm just really frustrated for you Possum.

The groovy red and blond highlights sound quite cool.

13/4/07, 12:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading this for quite some time. I feel for you, how much longer is this going to be dangled in front of you. It's kind of a yes or no question. Answer it already A.



13/4/07, 1:29 am  
Anonymous mia said...

I am so glad you got your hair done.
Pamper yourself some more, you deserve it!!!!!

13/4/07, 1:55 am  
Blogger momseekingpeace said...

You know, I feel like I ought to say something like "oh so glad that at least you got an email keeping you up to date", which is true, I am glad, but........

the other part of me say's "FOR CHRIST SAKE, JUST STOP ALREADY AND TALK" It feels so wrong the way its being handled.

13/4/07, 4:09 am  
Blogger Julie said...

We must share similar biorhythms. I've been in a horrid adoption funk lately. Got my hair done too - wonder if it was at the same time...

Re A.... I am about to come down there and buttonhole that chap. I've a few choice words for him. I know you have to be patient - but I DON'T!

13/4/07, 10:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newspaper article:
Rare disease found in Aussie couple.
Mr and Mrs Possum, after being hospitalised for the 10th time this year, have been given a yearly list of meals and a grocery list that includes brands and sizes. It seems that the Aussie couple would spend so much time thinking about what they wanted for dinner, that they would starve themselves into malnutrition. It was origionally thought that the couple suffered anorexia but that was put to rest when a meal was put in front of them and they immediatly ate it. The couple was once escorted from a restaurant at 1am when they spent 7 hours deciding if they wanted coffee or tea. The restaurant closed at 11pm. They are still thinking about how big a tip to leave the waiter. They visited that restaurant in 1997.
Mr Possum was once hospitalised after spending 7 days deciding if he wanted to take a crap or not. Testing by government physiologists was dropped after the participants spent several hours thinking about the question: Are you male or female? is being a royal pain!

13/4/07, 11:24 am  
Blogger BethGo said...

This is some serious mind-screw torture. Possum, you do not deserve to be treated like this.
It pisses me off!
Mr. A, Don't make me come over to Australia because while I could use a nice vacation, I know I'd end up kicking your tush for what you are doing to poor Possum.
Ooh! That guy makes me madder that your first mom. Ok, maybe it's a tie.
They need to stop being so selfish.
Rant over for today.
Possum, you let me know if you need me. :)

13/4/07, 3:46 pm  
Blogger Possum said...

Theresa - yeah - getting really frustrated here also - just hanging on - really.

Sara - thanks for de-lurking - lovely to meet you. Yeah - you're right - I thought it was just a yes or no type of answer - fuck knows. I'm tired and cranky of it all really!! Thanks for commenting - don't be a stranger any more. K??

Mia - yeah - I'm really loving the new 'do'. I have to keep looking at my reflection - just to check!!! LOL. At least it keeps me a little distracted.

MSP - that sounds like a good prayer to me!!! Keep praying it my friend.

Julie - Next time we'll synchronize watches - OK (you know - time zones and all) - then text each other from the hairdresser's chair - and pretend that we're having our hair done together!!! K???
I have you on speed-dial to come on down when I REALLY get cranky about all of this. Hmmmm - can I get any crankier????

Amy - you almost made me pee my pants - I was laughing so much!! THANK YOU. I needed that. Fuck thinking - I think it's somewhat over-rated.

Beth - you too are on speed-dial for a call to action. All adoptees to Possum's place for a Aussie holiday & HUGE party - then we head north to knock some parents over the head with some 4x2's.

In the meantime - think I'll go grab another glass of red wine.
Love you all.
Thank you.
Poss. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

13/4/07, 9:07 pm  
Blogger LeRoy Dissing said...

I wish I were wrong about the amount of time this process can take but when I read other adoptee blogs, the range is pretty much from a few days to eternity. Let's hope it is much closer to the former thant the latter. You are right Poss, none of us are getting any younger and your mom's time is even shorter.

14/4/07, 11:04 pm  
Anonymous Jessie said...

Oh Poss... I'm sorry (1. for slacking and not reading blogs very well, 2. for A!!!)
I wish he would just get his a** in gear and realize that this whole process is long, drawn out, and painfull enough for you. I am SOOO sorry that it has to be this way. However, at least he did respond, he is showing that he at least understands that you are in pain here.
I wish a bit to go and kick your firstmom in the behind and say HELLO!! YOU are the reason she is here!! ACKNOWLEDGE HER!!!!

Love my Meemo's comment btw... she's a freaking nut :)

15/4/07, 7:16 am  
Blogger angel said...

Oh sweet, I am sending you many hugs. I know it's hard to wait and wonder. It really tests your inner strength - something which you have oodles of. But even if you're strong and resiliant, it still takes every ounce of energy you have to keep your chin up on a daily basis. You've done it for long enough. I guess the only consolation at the moment, is that he is letting you know he'll be away for the next month or so, and you won't be spending those days waiting and not knowing why he's not been emailing you.

There is obviously something big going down, for him to be 'doing a lot of thinking' too.

You are in my thoughts all the time babe.. vent and rant anytime you like. xx

ps. We must nearly be twins, I have red and chocolate brown streaks in my long blonde hair!

16/4/07, 10:11 am  
Blogger elizabeth said...

It really fucking sucks big time that you are still playing the waiting game.


Sending hugs.

21/4/07, 10:17 am  

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