Friday, June 29, 2007

My New Non-Adoption Blog

I now have a non-adoption blog - just so I can write about - well - you know - stuff.

I'll still write on Possum's Place when something adoption related effects me - but there I can just dribble about life - Uni - the kids - my universe.

I don't know how I will go - but it feels good just writing about different things every now and then - and sometimes a break from adoption is a bit of a good thing really.

Drop on by and say Hi if you get the chance - but if you don't - that's fine too.

I'm still very much 'around'.
Poss. xxx


Blogger Andie D. said...

I just put my non-adoption blog on hold and started an adoption blog!

You know, it's good to diversify. I'm off to check out your other blog!

30/6/07, 10:42 pm  
Blogger Nicole said...

I've kind of mixed my blog with non adoption and adoption. I am working on changing it as not to bore my cancer friends or my adoption friends. I am looking forward to reading more about YOU though

2/7/07, 4:29 pm  
Blogger Possum said...

Andie - I kind of started the other way around. Where I'll get the time for both - I do not know!! Thanks for checking in!!

Nicole - you have never bored me - but I do know what you mean. I have a few readers who have actually mentioned to me that they feel uncomfortable about commenting here - as they have no links to adoption. I understand - but am also glad that they've let me know that. Thanks for commenting!!

Poss. xx

4/7/07, 11:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great idea, poss.
I haven't been on my adoption blog for what seems like ages now, because so many other facets of my life have been more prominent.
A good sign, I think.
Good on you. I would love to see the other side of you.
Who knows, one day I may join you in non adoption blog land!

6/7/07, 10:41 am  
Anonymous quinn said...

Hey possum ..I had seen you come by a while ago to say bye bye..but your page didn't allow me to comment..thanks....I have a new blog...

7/7/07, 11:05 am  
Blogger Possum said...

SomeAussieGirl - I'm glad that you've stepped out from behind your adoption blog also. You're stronger than I - I'm still anonymous!!

Quinn - I found you honey. I've commented on your new blog. Well - I hope it's your new blog - have you seen the comment?? If not - I'm commenting on someone else's blog!! How random of me!! ICK.

Poss. xx

7/7/07, 10:50 pm  

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