Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my first mother's birthday.
I was going to send her a card - but kinda lost the energy to do so.
Since being in e-mail contact with her husband, I asked him if it was OK for me to send her a birthday card - if she would appreciate it - or detest it.
His reply was as follows:

Hi Possum,
This is just a quick note in response to whether you should send P a birthday card.
My original thoughts were no as I don't think she would be appreciative of it. However on second thoughts I believe it is a kind, thoughtful and non threatening gesture. I don't expect her to reply to you. In fact she may not even tell me she has received it.
Please don't let on that I have contacted you.
You certainly are a busy mum with a family and university etc so I won't waffle on.
I hope you are all well.
Take care

So I just kinda lost the energy to do it.
I think I will still send her a card this week - just saying that I was thinking of her today.
It's just a little hard when it feels like it won't really be received for what it really is.
I think of her everyday. And today I especially wish her extra happiness and peace.

In other news, all is well at Possum's Place.
I started back at University last week - so life is now rather chaotic.
Trying to manage full-time study and 3 beautiful daughters can get a little weird - but so far we're all coping really well.
(I just wish I could remember how to do bloody linear and quadratic equations - ouch - it hurts my head!!!)
Mostly I do my study late at night when the kids are tucked into bed - then my mind can work with no distractions.
My husband is a saint - and often delivers dinner to my desk when things get really hectic.
I love him so very much for the unwaivering support he always give me.
He boosts me up when I get so down on myself - and when my results come through - he always looks at me with a glint in his eye that says: "See, I told you you could do it all along".
I love him for that.

So - I'm keeping myself busy; I check in on you all from time to time (when I really should be studying - whoops!!); and I wait for THE DOOR - to hopefully open just a little bit more.

Hugs, Possum. xxx
(handing out chocs and candy to all those wonderful blogging adoptees and mums waiting for their time in the sun to come.)


Blogger Being Me said...

Hi Possum,

Oh I wish I wish I wish I could hug you. Go ahead and send her a card. It really sounds like she needs all the help she can get. And a lovely little card from you might secretly lift her up a little.

28/2/07, 10:50 am  
Blogger angel said...

Hello possum!

I think it's a gentle but caring way to let her know you're thinking about her, and like you said, she doesn't have to feel obligated to reply (even though I wish that she finds strength within herself to do this soon). She may not let on, but there's most likely a part of her deep down, that will treasure this card and your loving words and thoughts.

hugs, as always, alex xo

btw.. I hope that you're all ok down there in sunny a.c.t. Our office there has suffered some bad hail damage. I hear it went on for some 40 minutes or so. ouch.

28/2/07, 11:47 am  
Blogger Possum said...

J - I wish I wish I wish I could get that hug!!! But - I do feel your cyber hugs all the same. Thankyou for your kind words - I will send her a card.

Alex - all OK here re: the storm & hail. It fell all on top of the Civic area (ie what is 'the city' - and I use that term lightly - as I am a Sydney girl deep down - and I always joke to my girls that they better not blink - or they'll miss all the big buildings!!!!)
I drove past it this morning - wow - what a mess. Check out this blog - with a U-Tube slideshow of the mess - http://the-riotact.com/
(sorry you'll have to cut and paste from here)
Looked like snow - which we don't get much - AND it's the middle of summer!!!
Thanks also for your thoughts on the card. I will try to sit down tonight a write something. The last 4 nights I've been up late reading and studying with Uni work. BLAH!!
I hope it does touch her deep deep down inside.

Hugs, Poss. xxx

28/2/07, 4:50 pm  
Blogger Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

I'm frustrated for you.

28/2/07, 7:10 pm  
Blogger Reunited Dan said...

I'm glad you are (did)send the card. I think it is important to remind her you are there for when (not if)she comes around.

You never know when and what will change her heart!

28/2/07, 11:14 pm  
Anonymous bijou said...

Hi Possum,
First, I'm such a dork, but I use abstract forgotten math alot for work. I like these online tutorials (from algebra to calc) for review: http://people.hofstra.edu/faculty/Stefan_waner/realworld/tccombop.html

Also, I feel with you. No harm in sending the cards, I pray for you that she comes around. At least to speak with you.
heart, bijou

1/3/07, 2:51 am  
Blogger juliaNY07 said...

Hey there,

Send the card! You just never know how much your tiny, non threatenng and loving contact may thaw her heart each time. And, you know you can't give up on her. by the way I love A.

1/3/07, 8:43 am  
Blogger kim.kim said...

Send her a birthday card.

1/3/07, 9:49 am  
Anonymous mia said...

Thanks for the chocolates Possum! ;o)

Send the card honey. Send it with love and light and with no expectations for the outcome. Do it for you.

Be gentle with yourself doing all of that studying. I couldn't even pronounce the topics! lol

1/3/07, 1:02 pm  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Dear Sweet Possum, I think you should just be you. If you feel you should send a card, then do it. Being kind and respectful is just in your nature so I don't think you can do to wrong. Something lighthearted is sure to show her that you aren't some monster that has come to turn her life on edge. Oh how I miss college algebra!!! Someday I'll go back. I'm proud of you for keeping on with your life...being a wife, mother, student and not putting this on hold while P works her issues out. Keep up the great work! Love and hugs, Rebecca

1/3/07, 4:55 pm  
Blogger Rebecca said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1/3/07, 4:55 pm  
Blogger someaussiegirl said...

It's so great you found me! Thanks for your kind comment.
I love your blog. I think I shall be a regular visitor!
I have just started uni again too (i had 2 years off!) and I will be trying hard to plan a wedding at the same time - it's just after final exams - what am I thinking?!
hope your birth mum sees your good intentions. only do what you feel is right :)

1/3/07, 8:20 pm  

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