Sunday, February 04, 2007

Letter From My Mother's Husband

One month after I posted my letters to my siblings - I received a letter in the mail.
But it was not what I was expecting.
It was a letter from my mother's (P) husband (A).
I stared at the envelope for a whole 2 minutes before opening it.
This was not part of my plan.
I went to a quiet room - and with shaking hands - started to open the letter.

In summary A wrote:

* I feel I should write to you so that at least you know that some communication is being made with you.
* P is suffering badly from depression and not emotionally up to communicating with you at this time.
* She has bad days and good days - more bad in recent times.
* P has only 'reluctantly' shown me all you letters when I offered to write to you on her behalf.
* P feels very betrayed by you that you wrote to our children after she asked you not to.
* P has a great deal of trouble trusting you now.
* She has said to me that when she feels better she will contact you.
* This has all really opened some old wounds for her and she is having a lot of trouble working through it.
* I can understand that you are becoming frustrated at the speed that things are happening but this is a traumatic experience for P and she needs time to work trough it at her pace.
* P or I will communicate with you over time - but be patient.
* Over time I hope that you both get a win-win situation.

I had to read it 3 times to really understand what was being said.
When the letter arrived - I thought that it would be blasting me for the letters I wrote - and telling me to go away and to never contact them again.
This was not part of my plan.

But - it was good.

There is still some glimmer of hope.

And so I wait some more.........................................

p.s. I replied to A thanking him / apologising to P / trying to explain why I took the path that I did / asking him directly if he is my father.........I'll write what I said in another post.


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