Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recommendations For Adoptive Parents - by Wraith

Just wanted to share a great post by another adoptee, Wraith, titled "Recommendations For Adoptive Parents".
Just 23 points on how to help your adoptive child become a more grounded and validated person.
If only my adoptive family had been shown this list.
They certainly loved me with all of their hearts - and still do to this day - but it would have helped them be more prepared for questions and feelings that all adoptees deal with, in various degrees, sometime during their lives.
Questions and feelings that I certainly had - and many that still cause me grief to this day.
It may have meant that I would have been happier in my own skin.
It may have meant that I would have been spared those days of depression that I have dealt with throughout my whole life.
I may have meant that I could just be happy being ME.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Chez, Wraith's list is awesome and it's worth posting over and over and over. I am proud of all of us for helping the future adoptees and their parents. Much love, Rebecca

13/2/07, 2:11 pm  
Anonymous Jessie said...

Chez... Thank you so much for posting this. It is just about the most amazing list I have ever found that has anything to do with adoption. Every prospective adoptive parent should read this list. It is SO SO important!
I really think you hit it on the head that some of the pain could have been spared if they had just looked at this list and known it is true and FOLLOWED IT. I know this is true in my case!
Thank you, so much again for posting this.

13/2/07, 3:29 pm  
Blogger Nina said...

Morning Chez...I just noticed you describe yourself as a "disgruntled adoptee." That's a really great way to describe it, huh? Perfect! And I LOVE Wraith's list.

15/2/07, 4:00 am  

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